Golmaal Again!

First of all, the cinematography of this movie is captivating! Thank you, Jomon T. John! And since we are talking positives, the special effects are quite good, like way above any Hindi movie I’ve ever seen!

So, I wanted to watch this movie since it came out, but I did not go to the theatre because I was not as excited as I was for the 2nd and the 3rd one. I didn’t even know about this movie until it was released. So as soon as I learned that it is streaming on prime, I watched it and my decision to not to go to the theatre was right.

The first Golmaal was like lightning in a bottle, it walked the line between over-the-top humor and serious moments profoundly. The second one was a flat-out parody and that’s why I could justify the use of over-the-top humor. The third one was like an homage to old era Mithun, it was a bit too much but that is what I could let go, as the movie as a whole was a nice experience, plus we got an addition of another Laxman. My point is every time we got something new thrown in the chemistry and so I was hoping I would get somewhat similar experience from the fourth one also. But the first scene took me out, like are you seriously going with ghost stories. And I’m sure Parineeti Chopra is a good actor but she hasn’t impressed me yet. Watching Tabu is nice and Cameo from Nana Patekar is delightful, but they couldn’t save this movie. And believe me, I wanted to like this movie so much, but I couldn’t.

The plot was very straightforward and I liked that, but when they were trying to pull something funny it never felt natural. Ironically enough I believe in suspension of disbelief, but for this movie, it was sometimes very hard. Like there are some major plot-holes and flaw in logic (and I know movie’s tagline is “no logic, only magic” but it was too much even for that!) that I couldn’t ignore.

Praksh Raj can make a good villain, but he is wasted. Neil Nitin Mukesh, at this point I would say, is being typed cast for roles of “Seemingly good guy turns out to be a bad guy”, and he has the face for it but he can do so much than that, like have you seen Jhonny Gaddar?!

Now after reading above paragraphs you might get a perspective that I hated this movie, but no I did not hate this movie, I enjoyed it, I had some chuckles but it was not I was expecting to be and that is on some level my fault, but it is not as great either. Though I admire Rohit Shetty as a filmmaker, he is going downhill or my taste in movies has changed or for that matter any other reason, I have not liked any of his movies since Singham.

Ok, now I’m gonna go, hope to see you soon, peace out!


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