Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Hello guys, so I’m back!

The moment I watched this movie I couldn’t stop thinking about writing something about this movie, so here I’m. This isn’t just some another Oscar contender movie, it is anything but. First of all, I love the name of the movie, like how obvious it sounds and doesn’t reveal anything and the first thing you watch, you guessed it right, the three freakin’ billboards right outside of the Ebbing, Missouri.

Now moving on from the name let’s talk about the plot of the movie without spoiling anything and let me just tell you it is excruciatingly difficult. When the movie starts, you think (director wants you to think!) that certain characters are antagonists but at certain points throughout the movie the perspective changes, some things happen and you’ll be in shock thinking that, they did not just go there! It doesn’t shy away from taking risks and they pay off. The story isn’t about good vs the evil or justice against injustice, it is about how people react and think. How far they’ll go for the thing they want to do so bad and ramification of those deeds. Right about at one-third of the movie, you’ll think it will end in a certain way, but let me tell you, my friend, you’ll never see the end coming from miles away with a binocular!  if you find this very obscure and going over your head, I told you so at the beginning of this para.

The cast of this movie is just stellar. I love Sam Rockwell. Now I’ll tell you that Frances McDormand was off my radar but I knew I’ve seen her somewhere, her face was so familiar and then I googled her name and found out her other movies, which I’ve seen and remembered her characters from but did not know about the actress (FYI those movies are, Moonrise Kingdom, Fargo, Transformers: Dark of the Moon & Hail, Ceaser!). And what can I say about Woody that has never been written! All three of them are nominated for 90th Acadamy Awards (Oscars) for this movie. BTW, Sam Rockwell won the best supporting actor in a motion picture at the HFPA’s Golden Globes. The movie itself is nominated for Oscar. But it breaks my heart that the Director Martin McDonagh is not nominated for best director, despite directing all his leading actors right into the nomination for best actors and the Movie for best movie nomination, it seems somewhat ironic if you think about it. But that’s Academy for you!

I hope to see you guys soon, peace out!


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